UniLayer in 2022: Beyond the Numbers

UniLayer in 2022: Beyond the Numbers

2022 was an amazing year for UniLayer!

UniLayer’s much-anticipated public testnet is now live - the culmination of more than two years of intensive development. In 2022, we also established exciting, new partnerships, met fundraising goals, and extended UniLayer's reach through social media growth and in-person appearances at blockchain conferences worldwide. UniLayer is poised to fulfill its full potential: to become the leading decentralized, interoperable infrastructure for all blockchain networks.

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To celebrate the end of this dynamic year, UniLayer CEO Alex Belets and other team members appeared on a livestream talk and presentation, “UniLayer in 2022: Beyond the Numbers”. The team delved into Unilayer's significant achievements from the past year, as well as our ambitious plans for the future. The team also revisited UniLayer’s far-reaching vision, which is so essential to the future of the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Full livestream below:

UniLayer in 2022: Beyond the Numbers

2022 was a year for establishing the strong foundation that will support UniLayer's rise as a leader in interoperability in 2023. As such, 2023 promises to be even more momentous, with plans including: UniLayer’s token generation event, the launch of the mainnet, initial blockchain integrations, and a number of next-level partnerships. It promises to be a groundbreaking year for UniLayer and the blockchain space as a whole.

UniLayer’s year-in-review livestream covered developments on multiple fronts: technical, marketing, partnerships, and fundraising.

Technical Updates

UniLayer’s development team is always building. After two years of rigorous development, UniLayer’s public testnet was launched in late August, 2022. Despite reaching this long-anticipated milestone, the team has not let up on their efforts, but rather, continues to move forward rapidly, reviewing feedback from network testers and continuing to add new features to the network, including Metamask support, a blockchain scanner, and EVM compatibility.

Let’s take a look “under the hood” to see some highlights from the UniLayer’s technical development in 2022, through the eyes of its developers:


110+ active nodes on testnet

5,000+ applications for testnet received

Universal smart contracts “on the go”

Git updates

3,032 files changed

759,372 deletions, lines changed

Project Management

26 two-week sprints successfully passed

More than 80 tasks finished

Added support: OSX (x86 / ARM) 10.X - 13.0.1, Ubuntu (18.04 - 22.04), Fedora (latest), Windows (10, 11)

Added HEX and base58 addresses support

Added Metamask support (on QA)

Blockchain scanner “on the go” (functional version is ready)

Completed architectural model of EVM-based networks and Bitcoin network integration

2023 will be the year of the mainnet launch and first blockchain network integrations, so we can expect to see many more significant technical developments over the coming months and quarters.

2022 saw dynamic community growth and engagement

Marketing and Community Updates

UniLayer has been actively connecting with our community, potential investors and partners. Social media growth, a newly designed website, outside media coverage, and strategic partnerships have each played a role in the rise of UniLayer’s profile as an innovator in the interoperability space.

UniLayer’s Twitter account has grown organically to over 6,500 followers, after little more than a year of activity. The account is updated daily with news and announcements. Telegram and Discord channels also serve as strong platforms for UniLayer, allowing community members to engage directly with UniLayer’s development team.

UniLayer's new, official website serves as a great introduction for new visitors, as well as a portal for existing supporters to track news and follow the blog, roadmap, and other features. The lightpaper is also available for download, and the full whitepaper will soon be released.

UniLayer has also received positive press in Cointelegraph, Forbes, and other prominent business and blockchain periodicals. As the token generation event and mainnet launch approach, we anticipate a strong wave of interest in UniLayer in 2023.

The UniLayer team has also shared its vision in person, attending global blockchain events in Dubai, Singapore (Token 2049), and New York City (SmartCon). The team has enjoyed engaging with the greater blockchain community and connecting with leaders in the space, including blockchain companies, OKExchange and Huobi.

UniLayer and Smart State: a close partnership


As an interoperable infrastructure platform, UniLayer is a project that thrives on partnerships. The team is in constant conversation with leaders and builders from countless blockchain networks and DApps - there is tremendous demand for real, secure interoperability solutions.

The following are just a few of the organizations that UniLayer has established partnerships with in 2022:

Smart State, a leading blockchain security and auditing company, maintains strong ties with UniLayer. UniLayer has always put security first, adhering to the fundamental principle that the blockchain itself offers the best structure for security, and that security should not be sacrificed for the sake of speed or cost. Smart State shares in these values, and provides their own skills and perspective on blockchain security.

Watch UniLayer and Smart State in dialogue here: Smart State x UniLayer.

Naoris Protocol is also in the cybersecurity sector, combining blockchain security with AI. Naoris takes a novel approach, using blockchain technology to provide decentralized security for any centralized network. UniLayer is honored to be partnered with this innovative protocol, and shares in the Naoris team’s passion for blockchain innovation and security.

EYWA Protocol, a cross-chain protocol, offers a range of products, providing interoperable services, including a dex, bridge, and cross-chain liquidity and data protocols. EYWA and UniLayer’s partnership was announced just this past November, and promises to be a highly productive and long-lasting relationship. As UniLayer is a cross-chain infrastructural network and EYWA is an cross-chain provider for DApps, the partnership is a natural fit.

NewTribe Capital: a prominent investor in UniLayer


UniLayer is honored to have received support from some of the leading investors in blockchain technology: VC companies, VC DAOs, and individuals. These supporters not only provide financial backing, but also offer valuable strategic input and networking opportunities.

NewTribe Capital focuses on blockchain technology that is truly disruptive and offers real value to the greater blockchain ecosystem. They have invested in countless innovative Web3 companies, such as Kilt, Dao Maker and TrustSwap.

VC, Gains Associates, is the leading investment DAO in the crypto space, crowdsourcing investments to all $GAINS token holders. Gains’ portfolio runs the gambit: DeFi, play-to-earn, infrastructure, metaverse, NFT, launchpads, and more. Their investments include some of the leading platforms and companies in the blockchain space, including Avalanche, Reef, and Quant Network.

UniLayer is grateful to all its backers, and looks forward to strengthening these ties, as well as attracting new investors in future rounds. As of now, UniLayer's angel and seed rounds have concluded, with close to $1 million raised.

Watch the entire livestream here: UniLayer in 2022: Beyond the Numbers.

2023: the year of secure, on-chain interoperability

2023: UniLayer Emerges

2023 is going to be a pivotal year for UniLayer, with the much-anticipated launch of the mainnet and initial blockchain network integrations, as well as numerous partnerships along the way. The UniLayer team anticipates tremendous growth on all fronts, including within our community. It’s going to be a very exciting time as we finally make the dream of universal interoperability a reality.

Visit our website, interact with our socials (Twitter and Discord), and take a deep dive on the official UniLayer blog.

Join us on our journey to connect every blockchain!

As we continue to grow, we are committed to rewarding our loyal community members. UniLayer will soon be launching an ambassador program for community management. If you are curious and want to get involved, ping us in the chat on Discord or Telegram. Builders and community supporters will be first in line.

UniLayer: Breakthrough Tech

UniLayer’s special approach to interoperability is defined by its novel blockchain architecture. UniLayer’s network nodes embed within the nodes of other networks (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Near, etc.), forming a larger, interconnected blockchain network. Interoperable “Logix” smart contracts facilitate communication among integrated networks.

The result is on-chain interoperability that is fast, secure, transparent, and virtually feeless.


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