UniLayer Q3 News: Progress Updates - 4,000 Users on Testnet

UniLayer Q3 News: Progress Updates - 4,000 Users on Testnet

This quarter has been an exciting and productive one for UniLayer!

Just a few weeks ago, UniLayer released its public testnet. Now, thousands of users have begun to interact directly with the UniLayer network. Integration with Ethereum's testnet and Metamask are the next two upcoming developments, arriving soon!

The UniLayer team has also been making great headway in outreach - networking and reaching new potential users, developers, and partners. We’ve been sharing our unique vision for an interoperable future at in-person conferences and on social media platforms.

Finally, we have ended our initial funding rounds, raising around $1 million from a wide range of investors, including members of the Polkadot community, and high-profile individual and group VCs.

The future is looking bright for UniLayer, and we’re just getting started!

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Development: Public Testnet Launch and Beyond

UniLayer’s much-anticipated public testnet is now live! We have been receiving amazing feedback from the over 4,000 users who have accessed the network. Now, our developers are fine-tuning the code and user interface to prepare for the next step: integration with the Ethereum testnet.

Our friends at Smart State, a Web3 security firm, have been providing valuable assistance for our Ethereum integration, ensuring that UniLayer is protected from any security vulnerabilities, in light of Ethereum's switch to proof-of-stake (PoS). Smart State boasts a first-rate tech team of white-hat security professionals, with extensive experience in the space.

Ethereum will be the first in a series of blockchain networks that will join the UniLayer network, bringing us closer to a truly secure, interoperable blockchain ecosystem. We anticipate a “snowball effect” as more and more major blockchains begin connecting with the UniLayer network, increasing reach and flexibility for all.

UniLayer’s developers have also been hard at work on another essential integration: Metamask. Used by over 30 million people worldwide, Metamask is the world’s leading non-custodial crypto wallet. Metamask will play an essential role in enabling UniLayer to reach the widest possible user base.

Finally, UniLayer’s white paper is nearly ready for release. You will be able to see, in great detail, UniLayer’s vision for a cross-chain future, as well as exactly how we’re going to get there.

Token 2049 in Singapore: the UniLayer team with Aldrich Victorino (center), Business Development Manager of OKEx

Worldwide Travels: Conferences in Singapore and New York City

The UniLayer team has also been busy reaching out to the public - communicating UniLayer’s powerful vision to developers, investors, and the blockchain community as a whole. We recently attended two leading blockchain conferences as invited guests: Token 2049 in Singapore (sponsored by Huobi Global) and SmartCon in New York City (organized by Chainlink).

Check out our highlight reel from Token 2049 in Singapore.

At these conferences, the UniLayer team had the pleasure of engaging with some of the top leaders and thinkers in the blockchain space. We engaged in talks with several projects whose goals are in direct alignment with ours. Stay tuned for partnership announcements in the coming months. We have some amazing things planned!

Social media growth

Rising Social Media Engagement

UniLayer has seen rapid growth on Twitter, with our follower count ballooning to over 13,000 in a matter of weeks. Now, to further develop our social media presence beyond Twitter and Telegram, we have created an official Discord server. We want to give you the opportunity to join the UniLayer community, discover new ways to get involved, and engage directly with our community managers and development team.

As UniLayer continues to grow and develop, we want to bring you along for the ride. UniLayer’s rapid growth on social media demonstrates that interest is high in the tech we are building!

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Fundraising Goals Met

UniLayer has completed the first two rounds of funding, raising around $1 million from a wide array of individual investors and investment groups. Investors have included Gains Associates, New Tribe Capital, Paul Hillman, Philipp "Goku", and several early investors in Polkadot. Our next funding round will soon open, and the UniLayer team has had some very fruitful meetings with other individual VCs and VC organizations who are interested in what we have to offer.

Interoperability is quickly emerging as the “next big thing” in crypto. Cross-chain development differs from some other blockchain trends, in that it has incredibly sustainable value and significance for the industry: interoperability has the staying power that some other Web3 trends have lacked. More and more investors are starting to take notice of UniLayer as a strong innovator in this fast-growing sector of the blockchain industry.

The UniLayer Future

The entire UniLayer team is energized by the support we are receiving, both from investors and our larger community. We are looking forward to a successful token launch (to be announced), and will continue to fulfill our promises, laid out in our roadmap. The UniLayer team and community see the limitless possibilities that lie ahead, as we make secure, blockchain-based, cross-chain infrastructure a reality.

For a great introduction to UniLayer’s vision, check out: Future of Interoperablity.