Investor Spotlight: Meet Unilayer Investors! VC Funds, DAOs, and Many More.

Investor Spotlight: Meet Unilayer Investors! VC Funds, DAOs, and Many More.

UniLayer is concluding our angel and seed investor rounds with $1 million raised!

We’ve received funding from a number of notable investors, include Gains Associates, NewTribe Capital, Paul Hillman, Philipp "Goku", and several early supporters of Polkadot.

We are grateful for the backing of VC funds, VC DAOs, and individual investors, spread across the globe, from Europe to East Asia to the USA. This broad foundation of support is what will drive UniLayer’s continued growth and innovation. We are all united in a shared vision for a truly decentralized, interoperable world, and UniLayer has the technology and drive to make that vision a reality.

Recently, the CEO of one of our investment funds (Gains Associates), Alexandre Raffin, did a deep dive into what makes UniLayer great.

Watch the video!

NewTribe Capital, one of UniLayer’s valued VC fund investors.

VC Funds and Individual Investors

The benefits of traditional VC funds are numerous. These companies boast a wealth of experience, connections, and strategic knowledge, backed by a long track record of success. Similarly, individual investors have the experience and perspective to not only provide funding, but offer other forms of support and feedback.

NewTribe Capital, one of main UniLayer’s backers, has invested in countless innovative Web3 companies, from Kilt, to Dao Maker and TrustSwap.

Gains Associates, the leading blockchain investment DAO.

VC DAOs: Gains Associates

VC DAOs have also emerged as an exciting new form of investment vehicle, one particularly suited to the ethos and structure of blockchain technology. Through a VC DAO, retail investors are given the opportunity to enter projects in early rounds of funding, accessed by holding the DAO’s token. The democratic nature of DAOs is also a boon for the invested projects, as the DAOs community engages, spreads information and participates in overall project growth.

Gains Associates, a one of the leading investment DAOs in the space - a highly successful investment platform with a large and engaged community. Gains Associates has not only survived the crypto winter, but thrived, taking this time to seek out the most promising projects in the blockchain space.

Gains Associates’ portfolio spans the full spectrum of the blockchain industry: DeFi, play-to-earn, infrastructure, metaverse, NFT, launchpads, and more. It includes some of the leading platforms and companies in the blockchain space, including Avalanche, Reef, and Quant Network.

Gains Associates was drawn to UniLayer by our mission to support a decentralized, interoperable Web3, our technological innovations, and our experience - particularly in blockchain security through Smart State.

To watch a conversation between Gains Associates CEO, Alexandre Raffin, and UniLayer CEO, Alex Belets, click here.

Gains Associates and UniLayer: AMA Highlights

As Gains Associates and UniLayer continue to grow in our partnership, let’s take a look back at the AMA from July of 2022. Naturally, UniLayer has made major strides since then, including the launch of our public testnet, but this AMA provides a great overview of UniLayer, and was one of the first exchanges between UniLayer and the larger blockchain community.

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Tell us about the UniLayer Network project. How would you explain it to a newbie in crypto?

A — Alex from UniLayer Network: Well, it’s a bit challenging since we are a deep tech project. UniLayer Network is to how to connect ever existed blockchain networks altogether seamlessly and securely. Basically, it’s data role with the ability to transform the data in a way. What does it mean? Well, we aim to be a proper replacement for off-chain solutions in current crypto (cloud/standalone servers and etc). This way we can open gates for upcoming true cross-chain projects. Because each chain is unique and there is a request to compose features of different chains together in order to create something completely new. UniLayer Network has a special meaning behind the name. The most classic blockchain technology is L1 which is Ethereum, Bitcoin and etc. And so we are. L2 networks represent additional optimizations and integrations that can be achieved by using them. And every chain connected through us can be called L2 toward each other. And finally, the whole newly created ecosystem represents the concept of L0.

For sure it’s required cooperation from different blockchains in order to be achieved. We are in negotiations with Near, Solana, Thezos, Polygon, and other major networks.

Q — Telegram user “kaushal $flow”: In your project website I read UniLayer will be integrated into BTC, ETH, Tezos, Near, Solana, Algorand, and Fantom? What’s next? How are they integrated into the data for each chain? Can you explain in detail about data integration?

A — Alex from UniLayer: First, we will integrate the top 15 chains and some partner chains as well. The exact process is complicated and involved a tremendous amount of work. Basically, it requires us to be able to compile our node with the code of the target chain’s node. To intercept the data in a correct and secure way. To be able to pass the data. To extend our cross-chain account and our symbolic names in smart contracts. Amount of tiny but important things. Next, we will create comprehended guidelines for anyone so to say maintainer of some blockchain will be able by following it to contribute his PR in our repo, pass all required tests, and finally add his integration to the UniLayer ecosystem.

Q — Twitter user “big joe”: Nowadays, NFT is becoming more popular, and many projects come out related to NFT. So how do you rate the potential that UniLayer’s NFT can bring? Do you have any plans to make NFT become a new market trend?

A — Alex from UniLayer: NFTs are now everywhere. And its market will be much larger in the future. There is no way now to make infrastructure projects in crypto without touching this field. But the potential of these projects hardly depends on the skill level of the team. Blockchain here is the only basis. And since we are aware of it we are doing our part in order to support this market and these teams.

We provide 1. Transparency of cross-chain transactions. You can track them through the blockchain explorer from chain to chain. 2. Security. Printing 2 identical NFTs because the base transfer transaction was exploited? Impossible with us. 3. History. Since the transferred NFT never leaves the blockchain contour it will be much easier to keep the authentic history of the particular NFT.

Full AMA here.

Gains Associates and the Future of UniLayer

UniLayer is organizing future events and community meetings with Gains Associates, as well as other blockchain and investment communities, as we continue to progress on our roadmap. We are proud to receive the support of “the world’s first decentralized VC”, and happy that we are in alignment with Gains Associates’ communal and democratic design.

As for UniLayer’s current and future development, we are currently working on Metamask integration and our blockscanner, as well as fine tuning our testnet, based on user feedback.
Our next investment rounds will also commence soon. Finally, we are lining up some exciting partnerships that we cannot wait to announce!

You can join our testnet here.

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