UniLayer Unveils Key Tech Updates Ahead of Mainnet Launch

UniLayer Unveils Key Tech Updates Ahead of Mainnet Launch

The UniLayer team is preparing for the network's much-anticipated mainnet launch, slated for March 20th, 2024, followed by the TGE (token generation event) on March 31st, 2024.

UniLayer's journey began over three years ago with the conception of a layer-1 interoperable network that connects nodes from separate blockchains on the physical level. This "network of networks" would allow legacy blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as newer networks, to connect completely on-chain.

Now, that vision is coming to fruition.

UniLayer provides a secure, scalable solution to the interoperability challenge, ready to seamlessly integrate any major blockchain network with UniLayer's layer-1 network. UniLayer will support the next generation of cross-chain DApps: DEXs, DeFi, GameFi, and NFT platforms, with unprecedented speed, scalability, and security, and with the lowest transaction fees.

UniLayer's Universal Nodes allow for on-chain interoperability through shared nodes

UniLayer's Groundbreaking Tech

UniLayer stands at the forefront of cross-chain innovation. The team has always held an uncompromising vision of true, on-chain interoperability ever since the initial conception of the network.

Several features set UniLayer apart from other cross-chain solution:

  • UniLayer's Unique Genesis: Unlike many other layer-1 networks and cross-chain protocols, UniLayer is not a fork, but is unique in its architecture.
  • Universal Nodes and "Logix" Interoperable Smart Contracts:
    UniLayer achieved a groundbreaking milestone with the advent of Universal Nodes. These are nodes that compile information from separate blockchains into a unified binary, fostering seamless communication among otherwise siloed networks (Bitcoin and Ethereum, for example). Additionally, UniLayer utilizes "Logix" interoperable smart contracts, bringing security and simplicity to any cross-chain DApp.
  • MetaMask Integration: Notably, UniLayer is the first UTXO-designed network to successfully integrate with MetaMask, revolutionizing user accessibility and convenience.
  • Dedicated Ground-Up Development and Design:
    The UniLayer team's unwavering commitment to ground-up development and design is evident in its continuous testing and updates. Since the launch of the public testnet over six months ago, our team has diligently refined and optimized the platform, ensuring a robust and reliable ecosystem.
Successful deployment of contract compiled for the post-Shanghai EVM

The UniLayer Network's Latest Technical Refinements

Building on the network's foundation, the team has recently implemented several developments ahead of mainnet launch, further refining UniLayer's architecture:

  • Signature Verification: Signatures of all types have been verified, ensuring authenticity and integrity of transactions.
  • Manageable and Correct EVM State: Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility is ready and polished.
  • MetaMask Integration: Transactions and statuses on MetaMask are accurately displayed for user transparency, and a "send all" button has been added.
  • Accurate Gas Estimates: Transaction fees are accurately calculated, essential for end users.
  • Remix Integration: Remix, a development environment for smart contracts, is successfully connected, allowing for smooth development processes.
  • Correct Contract Deployment Transactions: Logix smart contracts are functional, crucial for the creation and implementation of DApps.
  • Zero-Value Contract Deployment Transactions: Transactions involving the deployment of contracts with no monetary value (only gas fees) are executing correctly.
  • Refunds of Unspent Gas: Refunds of unused gas from transactions are operational, optimizing cost efficiency for users.
  • Correct Operation of Contract Data Viewing and Calling:
    Users can accurately view contract data and call contracts, essential functionalities for interacting with decentralized applications.

In addition:

  • EVM Shanghai Support: The platform now supports EVM Shanghai, a significant upgrade that enhances the functionality and capabilities of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Next updates:

  • Plans for Debug and Trace: Debugging and tracing of transactions will soon be available, providing developers with enhanced tools for troubleshooting.
  • Upcoming Blockscout Update: A Blockscout solution is in the works, allowing for the verification of smart contracts and the display of their logs.
UniLayer is MetaMask-ready

The team will soon initiate a phased testing and review process, beginning with limited demos before opening up public testing to the wider community. UniLayer is a comprehensive layer-1 interoperable network. Each new development and update further strengthens its capacity as a key force in the coming age of universal interoperability.

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