UniLayer Joins HealthBlocks and StarCrazy for a Conversation on Interoperability

UniLayer Joins HealthBlocks and StarCrazy for a Conversation on Interoperability

UniLayer embraces innovation and collaboration as its central, guiding principles. Our mission is to unite all networks, DApps, and blockchain platforms, facilitating interoperable communication and cooperation. In this spirit, the UniLayer team has been hard at work, connecting with projects from a number of sectors in the industry, from gamefi to cybersecurity to launchpads.

On November 23rd, 2022, the CEO of UniLayer, Alex Belets, sat down with the Rosanne Warmerdam, the CEO of HealthBlocks, a decentralized health platform, and Johnny Wang, the community manager of play-to-earn, StarCrazy, for a lively discussion on interoperability, its challenges and extraordinary potential.

HealthBlocks is a leader in the burgeoning “live-to-earn” sector (healthfi), which uses blockchain technology to track and gather users’ physical and mental health data, ensuring that it remains in the hands of those users. HealthBlocks runs on the IoTeX network, a Layer-1 that is leading the way in machinefi - the blockchain/machine economy.

StarCrazy is the number one play-to-earn game on the IoTeX network. StarCrazy boasts a highly active community, as well as a dedicated development team that continues to add and expand the game, even through the most challenging market conditions.

UniLayer sees both play-to-earn and healthfi as two highly impactful use cases for UniLayer’s interoperable technology. For gaming, secure, cross-chain access not only increases liquidity and expands a game’s user base, but also enriches the gaming platform itself by enabling components of a game to draw from different blockchain networks, taking advantage of each network’s respective advantages.

For healthfi, interoperability represents a boundless and secure transfer of blockchain data across all networks. Similarly, integrating machinefi with all blockchain networks will only increase access and innovation for all.

Watch highlights of the AMA below:

Conversation on Interoperability: AMA highlights.

Full AMA:

Conversation on Interoperability: full AMA.

Making Interoperable a Reality: UniLayer, HealthBlocks, and StarCrazy in Conversation

A Common Vision for a Decentralized Future

UniLayer, HealthBlocks, and StarCrazy all share a common vision for a decentralized future - one that offers autonomy, transparency, and power to individuals over large, centralized entities. Each of the three projects approaches this goal in their own way.

UniLayer is building a Layer-1 interoperable platform that returns to Bitcoin’s original ethos of decentralization, while also introducing the innovation of cross-chain nodes and cross-chain smart contracts (Logix) that facilitate data transfers across all networks.

“There is a simple way to state [the challenge of interoperability]: ‘you cannot directly view, from the outside, the information circulated within a blockchain’. However, the solution lies within the statement of the problem:

“The correct answer, from my perspective: you should create a level-1 chain, a classical level-1 chain - as simple as can be - which allows you to inject different chain into yours.

- Alex Belets, CEO of UniLayer

With increasing prevalence of bridge hacks and centralized exchange failures, a pure, secure blockchain solution is needed now more than ever.

“When we wandered outside of the Bitcoin Manifest and began to rely on oracles and other  centralized solutions to solve our technological limitations, we were forced to face the fact that these protocols are very easy to hack, to expose.”

UniLayer will provide an interoperable infrastructure that is fast, virtually feeless, and infinitely scalable. UniLayer’s cross-chain smart contracts (Logix) allow multiple smart contracts across various chains to be accessed and coordinated by a single cross-chain smart contract

“Our smart contracts allow you to call different smart contracts on different chains. Our main aim is to replace cumbersome and vulnerable backend infrastructure. The solution should be fast, smart, and cheap.

UniLayer’s Core Mission

UniLayer’s mission can be distilled to three fundamental blockchain benefits:

1. Expansion of the greater blockchain developer/community.

2. Transparency and security,

3. Synergy of separate chains’ has unique features, strengths, and specialization.

HealthBlocks is a medical technology company that uses our phones and other personal devices to gather data about our health. HealthBlocks believes that users should have sole ownership of their personal information, prioritizing privacy while also providing helpful medical feedback. In the future, they will offer data monetization opportunities.

HealthBlocks’ initial growth has been impressive.

“Our beta is live, and over 12,000 users have participated with a ‘wearable connection’, integrating their data.

“We are spending a lot time thinking about, not only a sustainable token model, but a sustainable business plan, so we can have the most impact in the long term.

“We are also in the process of launching a couple of gamification elements, in which users can earn rewards by completely health goals in a social setting.”

- Rosanne Warmerdam, CEO of HealthBlocks

HealthBlocks runs on the IoTeX network, utilizing W3bstream, the world's first decentralized infrastructure for real-world devices and data.

StarCrazy is IoTeX’s premier play-to-earn game. While many other play-to-earn games have lost momentum over time, StarCrazy has enjoyed steady community participation and enthusiasm. The StarCrazy team believes strongly that blockchain technology belongs to the people. As a “user first” platform, StarCrazy has one of the most player-favorable tokenomics models in the industry.

The StarCrazy team is eager to explore cross-chain and other expansion of the StarCrazy platform.

“We can build an IoT with all the personal hardware devices to incorporate user health data into our game. Imagine running a certain distance (in real life) to restore the health of your gaming NFT, enabling it to battle and earn more in the StarCrazy game.”

Johnny Wang, community manager of StarCrazy

Future Collaborations With UniLayer

The future of the blockchain is bright. For UniLayer, feedback and developments on the public testnet continue. There is also the token generation event (projected for March of 2023) and upcoming news of partnerships on the horizon.

The UniLayer team is excited to begin the process of uniting the greater blockchain ecosystem, network by network. IoTeX is one of the most promising and unique Layer-1 networks in the space, and UniLayer’s integration with IoTeX would create the potential to vastly increase the reach of not only the IoTeX network itself, but also the amazing projects that run on the network, including both HealthBlocks and StarCrazy.  


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