UniLayer Network Lines Up New Partnerships in July & Releases Test Net

UniLayer Network Lines Up New Partnerships in July & Releases Test Net

It’s been another eventful month for UniLayer Network! Now let’s see the different developments and milestones for UniLayer and its community:

1. UniLayer Network Partnerships and Events

UniLayer, in its bid to reach new heights and achieve its goal of being in the forefront of the interoperability race, has built linkages with renowned partners in the crypto world. This is a big step in immersing UniLayer in the complex and dynamic realm of blockchain startups. It is also a recognition of the huge power and potential that UniLayer holds.

  • UniLayer Network and GAINS Associates

UniLayer Network forged a partnership with GAINS Associates, a premier decentralized Venture Capital firm. GAINS Associates recognizes the mission of UniLayer to unite all blockchains and this strategic partnership is an exciting new endeavor for both platforms. “UniLayer is on a mission to integrate every chain and become the one and only OmniChain 🔗🔥” The public also got a glimpse of how GAINS and UniLayer Network works with a successfully concluded Quiz and AMA participated by both partners. Read more about this partnership event here.

  • UniLayer Network and NewTribe Capital

UniLayer Network also inked a partnership with NewTribe Capital. NewTribe Capital is a huge supporter of early stage blockchain technologies and it sees UniLayer Network as the best solution for crosschain and interoperability issues. “We are happy to invest and partner with @UnilayerNetwork - They are building the most interesting interoperability solution to date.” This strong alliance is another nod to the future of UniLayer Network as the most viable player in the interoperability race. Here's the entire article about this partnership.

  • UniLayer Network joins @ethCCWeek Paris 2022

The Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) is one of the largest gatherings for Ethereum developers and users. UniLayer joined the latest of EthCC’s week-long event, the EthCCWeek Paris 2022 to showcase what UniLayer Network can offer to the Ethereum ecosystem and how it can be the best way to achieve interoperability among #Eth dApps and platforms. Participants of the EthCCWeek had the opportunity to interact with UniLayer’s very own CEO, Sergey Belets, and dissect his interoperability brainchild.

2. UniLayer Network in the Media

UniLayer Network is gaining media traction and mentions with the growing recognition of its massive potential.

  • UniLayer Network in cryptonews.com

UniLayer Network was featured inin cryptonews.com entitled "Preparing for a Multichain future with UniLayer Network". Indeed, the future of blockchain is in the simplest of terms—multichain. Growth of blockchain technology is best achieved when there is scalability and interoperability, and that can only be reached with solutions such as the UniLayer Network platform. And it is not only growth that is sought by interoperability solutions but the very survival of blockchain technology. There is no universal blockchain that could address all, hence, the “blockchain trilemma”. But there is hope in the future with technology such as the UniLayer Network. UniLayer is proud to be one of the holders of the keys to the multichain future. Read the full feature here .

  • Alex Belets, UniLayer Network CEO, in KoreaITtimes.com

UniLayer’s very own Alex Belets had the chance to share his knowledge with Korea IT Times and explain why “pure consensus” is the key to the Web3. The article stresses out that blockchains should be able to communicate with each other in a manner that is still decentralized. Blockchain is already complex to begin with and the issues faced should be addressed with even more complexity. Hence, the aim is not to develop a “one chain to rule them all” solution, but a solution that caters to increased blockchain interoperability. Read the thought piece here.

  • UniLayer Network’s interoperability solution discussed in cointelegraph.com

There is heat building up in the blockchain interoperability arms race, and that was the topic in an article featured in cointelegraph.com. To fully establish blockchain as the feasible replacement of Web2, there should be ways on how to address the varying issues in Web3. “Blockchain interoperability is critical for a seamless Web3 experience for a multichain ecosystem to succeed.” The article recognized Unilayer Network as one of those offering solutions to remove the interoperability barrier between blockchain ecosystems and discussed how it operates. “UniLayer Network, a Layer-1 blockchain based on delegated proof-of-stake consensus, allows all connected blockchains to communicate with each other by natively integrating its nodes into connected chains.” CoinTelegraph

3. UniLayer Community Updates

The UniLayer Network community continues to grow as more and more people recognize the platform as the next major player in the Web3 realm. UniLayer Network's Twitter account grew 200+% last July. It is exciting to see more followers and enthusiasts waiting for the platform’s developments. Followers will not be disappointed as there are thrilling updates in the near future.

4. UniLayer TestNet Success

Last and certainly not the least, UniLayer Network devs successfully implemented a smart contract on testnet. The future is indeed getting brighter by the day. Things will progress rapidly in the UniLayer Network with this huge technical milestone. The UniLayer community can expect more updates and developments with this major feat now ticked off in the to-do list.